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advice to codemasters for online custom races

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I fail to see the benefit of having this feature. 
If CM did something similar to GT6 not only would players be able to to do some laps before quali/race but we'd also get rid of one of the worse parts of online racing, which is waiting in a lobby. Having to wait a long time for other players to join with no option to go to the track and drive a some laps is incredibly boring, most of the time I simply give up on online racing and go play time trial or custom races against AI.
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Tweaks need to be made to the set up of the session (Custom GP) before you even start racing. You should have extra options to play around with, restrict to auto like you can do with manual gear's,(Restrict to manual) restrict abs on or off, pit assist, the same with traction and so on.....
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Ok, online practice is a hugely requested feature, but I simply don't think it's needed!
i race in AOR and have been in leagues since 2010, so I know about league racing.
Just because you have been racing for 5 mins does not mean your correct.
I presented a fair argument to validate my point. 
You simply left an insult... Therefor nobody has taken you seriously.
i never said I was right. I left an opinion in an open debate. Furthermore making you look stupid for your comment..
Grow up it was not an insult it was a statment, you used that fact you ahve been racing for less than 5 year as a reason not to have online practise, that crap, we want dedicated servers, we wont get them but we need them, many games have gone done the dedicated server root and it has worked out fine, gives the admin a greater control of whats going on.

And I know about leagues and racing as I have been running them for the last 20 years.
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Of course you have... 20 year huh?
Online multiplayer didn't take off until NASCAR's 1996 release which wasn't very popular because of the $1k phone bills as a result of playing for an hour. But you were running leagues a few years before that!
As for only being in leagues for 5 years compared to your 20, Vettel has won 4 titles in that time compared with JB who has 1 in 15 years....  What's your point?

You've just drivveled on about dedicated servers and not given a reason why 'online practice' should be included. 

Im not here to argue with kids. But I do enjoy a debate. Believe me I'm not against anything that could benefit and develop the online racing community. So please do try to change my opinion!

I'll help you out.. I raised a point that the game is not advanced enough for track conditions to vary enough between races that your setup you have saved for every track needs altering to cater for those changes.
Consider that the optimal setup is the same settings used for EVERY track, with a slight tweak of front wing. Even in the wet!

What are you going to work on in these sessions? It's not the setup!
You can learn the circuit in any game mode.
You can learn your fuel/tyre strategy in GP mode, or setup a social 50% lobby. it's not like you can affect this anyway. It's all scripted wear and usage.

'In my opinion'... Online practice would simply be a mode for people to mess about in. It would put strain on the already weak servers and use up developers time and rescources that could be of better use elsewhere.

Does not matter if you believe me or not, you may have paid that amount for internet in the USA but here in UK we paid nothing like that.
And you right don't argue with yourself :)

I don't need to point out the reason why we want dedicated servers or online practise it's been said more than enough in other treads.

If you knew what you was talking about you would know there is a difference between on line and offline grip.

If you don't want online practise no one is forcing to use it, but do let those that want it have it.

Assetto Corsa a very small company has managed to provide windows and Linux dedicated servers so not that much time need to be spent on developing them

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- extra strain on the servers, what strain you can have a max of 16 drivers with the amount of data that is passed between server and client that is no way going to be an issue, we have a Arma 3 plus Teamspeak plus Assetto Corsa all running fine on one server no strain no issues.
- setups never change regardless of on/offline grip or weather conditions, they do for wheel users.
- other drivers in your way, that's racing pal.
- you're not racing or qualifying, that's why it's called practise DURR.
- social races in leagues become pointless, maybe in AOR LOL
- lobbies are never full, so?
- too many idiots online to disrupt your session, who says you have to let joe public on your server?
- other players have no impact on your practice, other than to be a hindrance. again that's racing pal.
- no parts/components to test. and who wants to? it's not career mode.
- requires a lot of Dev time and resources, plus testing, for very little gain. total bullpoo, takea look at other game prducers that managed to provide both Windows and Linux servers, Assetto Corsa had one when it was still in beta.
we rarely get s decent new feature, Id hate to see it wasted on this. More bullpoo, this is a feature we all want bar you.

Our league meet up and practise every Monday and Wednesday, we can have anything from 14 to 28 drivers turn up, if we have more than 16 we split into 2 groups, we prefer to practise together so we can workout how much we need to improve to get to the front of the pack, we don't get in each others way, we have a code of conduct which we all stick to, we also help out the slower drivers with setup advise, driving advise and as group of like minded people we have a good time.

Having to restart the sessions after 15 minutes of practise time is a big annoyance, having a online practise sessions with the options to set a time limit just like Assetto Corsa would be much better for us, we are not just a bunch of ramdom joe public's.

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Are you two really fighting about having online practice or not? An option like qualflying would be good, thats all that needs to be said. If you dont want to have practice then dont choose it. Simple.
Make no sense why hes screaming so loud not to have online practise, it's not like we will get it anyway.
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- you can mess around with friends.
- you're on the same track at the same time as friends.

i genuinely can't think of any pro's!
Another pro of online practice:
-you don't have to stare at the screen with your arms crossed for a very long time while waiting for people to join. You can actually play the game while waiting for people to join the lobby and bypass the most boring part of online play. GT5 & GT6 had that, it would be nice if CM did the same for their racing games.

Another option would be to do include an option for the game to search for available lobbies while you practice in time trial and automatic connect you to the lobby once it find one that's available. Fighting games have system like that, it's a pretty neat system.
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