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Something majorly wrong with the gearing/Engine in 2019 Cars (SOUND)

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37 minutes ago, Worntoathread said:

People have been pointing this out since the beta but it has never been acknowledged as an issue, I think it's safe to assume they won't make any changes here. 

Possibly yes.


Still, Dirt got multiple audio updates, and they have not said "No" as of yet, so there is still a little bit of hope.


But then again, to be fair, they have not said anything related to them working hard on many major issues lately.


So i guess it's also sadly safe to assume that F1 2019 has been abandoned as all the previous titles, and that they are possibly already working on F1 2020 / 2021 and or even Grid.


Transparency = 0.

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Im sure now nothing will be added or changed except (maybe) major bugs fixed. After all the game has a high metacritic and steam review score so why mess with that? Funny I saw a review on steam saying game was great it was a pity the community (us!) are miserable, so just ignore them! 


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Just don't buy the game next year. If we start to boycott the game maybe they'll listen to us

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