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Issues/Bugs I've Found So Far On F1 2019

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After playing the game today I've come across some things that need to be addressed ASAP.

The obvious one is the 2019 cars performances, a lot of cars are either too quick or too slow right now, I'm currently doing a McLaren career mode and it's one of the slowest cars in a straight line on the game even know it's a very quick car in real life, the Williams is miles behind in real life as well but on the game it's a midfield car it seems, they should have a huge downgrade, Haas and Racing Point are a little to fast for me as well, they should be behind Renault and McLaren on the performance chart, but I'm sure this is getting taken care of.

The next thing I've noticed is the AI pacing, they have insane one lap pace but they are so much slower in race conditions and then absolutely horrendous in wet conditions, I started P20 in the McLaren because I used a wet setup (which the AI don't seem to use) and in qualifying on 107 AI and I managed to get into P3 within the first 10 laps or so, something needs to be done about the pace gaps with the AI.

Another thing to add with the AI is their tyre choices, for some reason drivers 11th or below still pick the Softs and not the Mediums or Hards, also the front running cars like the Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bulls still qualify on the Softs in Q2 rather than using the Mediums.

Regarding multiplayer the only thing I've seen is dirty drivers still have good safety ratings and the cars still bunny hop on certain curbs.

I've also noticed a small bug with the highlights, I've purchased one of the premium livery's and it sometimes puts a default livery and colour that I don't have on the car rather than the paid livery and colour's I've selected.

Have I missed anything?

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The performance table looks like its copy and pasted from 2018, its in the same order and gaps are the same, and they have the same characteristics, like McLaren in your career for example had a very un efficient car in a straight line last year and that’s carried over to this game. Also if you look at the engine R&D table, Red Bull have the same engine performance as Renault and McLaren with Torro Rosso having a slightly worse engine.

The AI are still insane around Bahrain. I did a race at Silverstone in F2 on 110 AI, qualified 2nd finished 3rd in a 5lap race, but at Bahrain qualified last by some margin to pole and could battle with the cars at the back, seems to be a massive inconsistency between tracks regarding AI pace.

Also with F2 there is no way of changing fuel load in practice or qualifying which is rather annoying.


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