@Faya Version: 1.03 Platform: PS4 Pro Modes: All of them Accessories: NA Description of the issue: Been testing a little bit the game... In general, I would say once again great effort. Some issues, however, are inherited from f1 2018 (The cars affected on 2018 were f 2004 and  Lotus 79) On 2019 the cars Williams 2003 FW25 and Ferrari F2004 Again The basic problem is that the Ferrari and the Williams basically do not reflect the environment in real time... (you can see it most on Monaco and all night tracks)... Note: Is worth mentioning that this only affects wings and bodywork, not the floor, diffusor or suspension work Evidence:  (I am leaving as a reference the affected F2004 against other Ferraris that are fine on its reflections, see how the headlights are all statics on the f2004, and how on the other two are moving in synch with the reflections of the helmet?), I could upload a Monaco video if you wanted on both the Ferrari and the Williams, but I thought a comparison is going to be better Please, guys, fix this? Really appreciate if you answer this.