...in the audio option menu, so that we can create our own sound experience the way we want it to be.   At the moment imo the opponent cars are too loud, tyre squeal is too loud, crowd is too loud, engineer and our own car is too silent.   But this could be rectified, if we get additional sliders to adjust the volume of several different aspects of the overall sound mix individually, e.g. a slider with the value from 0 - 100 for audio aspects such as:   -Master Volume -Music -Replay Music -Engine Sound -Opponent Engine Sound -Tyres -Wind & Weather -Kerbs -Crashing & Bumps -Underfloor Plank Scraping Sound -Race Engineer -Commentators -Cutscenes   Also, you could, at the very least, possibly even add premade audio mixes, e.g.:   -Engine Mix (where our own cars engine sound far overpowers all the other sounds of the audio) -Driver Mix (where we get a muffled engine sound, higher wind and weather volumes and a louder engineer sound to simulate what the drivers hear inside their helmets) -Tyre Mix (where we get a more pronounced Tyre audio mix, with turned down volume on Engine sound) -Default Mix (basically the CM Audio Teams sound mix  how they want the game to be audible to the players)   Many other racing games and simulators already offer this variety of options to the players so that we can get our indiviual experience.   Hope you will do the same and give us freedom.   @issueskid @davidjgurney @RedDevilKT @Faya   EDIT: Please add the same option of killing high frequencies we had in F1 2016, into F1 2019 too.