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F1 2019 car sounds


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I don't have the game so I can't fully judge but after having watched streams and gameplay videos I'm a but puzzled by the car sounds in F1 2019. Namely, why is it that all the cars resemble a vacuum cleaner in cockpit view? They don't have the engine sound, they just whistle. In replays and regarding other cars you can hear that their sounds are great, but your own car just whistles. I mean videos like this, and there are many others. Now, the very first video Codemasters has released of F1 2019, where Daniel Ricciardo is driving in Bahrein has a completely fine engine sound to it. I mean this video. The sound is perfectly fine here but in the final game (at least from the videos and live streams) all I can hear is the whistling of the car, no matter which one the player drives. Is it really like this in the game or is something just lost in video/audio encoding?

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20 minutes ago, Jajb said:

I have the game, the engine sounds are terrible. It sounds like you have little revs all the time it is like a vacuum cleaner. We have been complaining but I don't think anyone is listening 

The engine revs on all 2019 cars including the custom car need beefed up 

Just tag the right people, issueskid and davidjgurney are in the audio team, if i'm not mistaken.


Would be cool to have a sticky thread with all CM employers, their roles and their tags, so we could easily know who to write to.


Either way, i agree, the sound of the engines feels as if it is barely revving, almost as if the sound is at least around 500 rpm below where it should be.


Imo the sound at around 12300 rpm - 12500 rpm should be audible at 11500 rpm - 11800 rpm.





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