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f1 2019 xbox one can not talk to 'jeff'


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i don't know if i should be able to talk to 'jeff' (the pits) during race through my mic.

if it is, it doesn't work with me.

Is the problem with the game f1 2019, the ingame settings or my mic? honestly i don't think its my mic, but if it is, how can i test it?

If anybody else has the same problem or know how to fix, maybe with some changes ingame settings, please let me know.

Thank you.

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3 hours ago, davidlouwagie said:

i have Kinect, but is not connected at the moment.

if i connect my Kinect, can i talk then through my headset?


No you can only talk to Jeff through your Kinect,

But you can listen to Jeff through your headset Head set.

Doesnt make sence to me, but thats how it is.

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