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[XBOX] BUG Incorrect race results

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Hello guys, just finished the Chinese GP, drove my heart out to finish 6th with Torro Rosso just to end up last with +1 lap in the race results and no points.


No error message, nothing that could tell me why this happened. I didn't get any penalties either, just single warning for causing a collision... 


Platform: Xbox one X, elite controller

Version: 1.03

Race:Chinese GP, 50% length, difficulty 100, no assists except for 2D racing line. Overcast weather with slow transition to cloudy at around lap 18-20.

Car: Torro Rosso with one engine upgrade, front wing upgrade, chassis weight upgrade and 1x ICE, 1x CE and 1x general wear upgrades. Qualified on 15th place, out of Q2.


Finished 6th, behind Pierre Gasly (RBH, -8sec) and in front of Kevin Magnussen (HAAS +1.2sec). Race results dropped me to last place with +1 lap. No points, driver standings confirmed that no points were given, debrief message was "disappointing performance".


Any ideas?


Edit 2:


I went through highlights from Melbourne and Bahrain. Melbourne was ok however, Bahrain: finishing line was Vettel P1, Hamilton P2 and Leclerc P3, final results were Hamilton P1, Vettel P2 and Leclerc P3. No penalties were given to Vettel.



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