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How to get a good racestart on F1 2019?

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Hi, does anyone know how to get a good start on the new game? I tried multiple ways with rpm, throttle etc, but I haven’t found the good way to start yet. It’s really annoying because I usually lose 3 or more places to the AI and when starting in the F2 cars it’s usually 8 or more places just because my cars bogged down so much.

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Try using no TC and manual starts, hold your throttle down to reach around 11000 rpm - 11300 rpm, watch the lights and get a lightning fast reaction to release the clutch, don't go full throttle immediately once you released the clutch but slowly go up the power and shortshift to 2nd and 3rd gear to help minimize tyre slip if needed.


I practiced race starts a lot in F1 2017 by using GP mode, take a random track and driver, make sure to lock the weather to clear and take as many restarts as you want to get a feeling for it, takes a little bit of time but is great once you mastered it.


Also, try using a AI difficulty level that suits your pace, meaning that your teammate should not be faster or slower by over 3 tenths to your median laptime.


You from Germany? If so, Grüß Gott.

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