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Need for Speed - Porsche: - on modern OS like Win 7 in Full HD Widescreen

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Well I don't want to hijack this thread anymore: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/776/colin-mcrae-rally#latest

So I created a new topic: How to get Need for Speed Porsche running on modern OS like Win 7 in Full HD Widescreen:

There are really many patches out there on the net, so some might be redundant, some are hard to find:

Need for Speed - Porsche

1. Install the game obviously, maybe you need to have the setup in compatibility mode.

2. Official 3.5 Patch can be found here:

3. Fast CPU Patch Fix
- > With CPU's faster than 'real' 2 GHZ the game only runs in the lowest details. This Unlocks CPU's faster than 2 GHZ -> ONLY in Windows XP Compatibility Mode

4. Widescreen HD Fix

5. Skybox Crash Patch
-> Might be redundant, if you use the Widecreen-HD-Patch, but game occasionally crashes on Normandie and so on. Better explained in the readme of the Widescreen-Patch

6. Additional Modifications
-> PU Bonus Cars: Adds more cars to the game

There was a patch to fix the ugly broken Windows in the Game ( vanilla they turn black when broken ), but I don't find it.

I hope, I can help some people this way, it's still a nice game.

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