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Update 1.12.6 - issues

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I'm struggling to believe that these updates are actually tested before being released. From the start I found graphic issues (sooooo obvious) and have major issues with racing. Here are a few examples:


- my wheels stop rotating during races

- the game is very jumpy (freezes for a second and when it continous it restarts down the road) you have to guess when to turn or brake etc.

- bumpy tracks ... I appreciate that some tracks are bumpy but in real life your vision is different and gets balanced because the focus is on a point in the distance which you can’t achieve with a flickering screen ... this updates feels like driving with binoculars and makes me dizzy and my eyes hurt and gives nausea ...

- the research box descriptions (research and the credit count to finish early) are to small for the greyed out box underneath



- car feel like racing on rubber ball ... the car gets air and wheel spin on the straight at 300ish km/h when going over a bump

- all my downforce I used to have has disappeared so the car looses traction. I can't drive corners in the same way I used to without spinning.

- kerbs and the white lines along the track are now made of ice. touch them with a single wheel and the car spins off violently.


this is the first impression of a game which I still believe could & should be the best F1 game ever.


I can't see any improvements with this update unfortunately.

All the issues with unfair penalties (being penalised for other people crashing into you etc.), opponent jumping all over the place (I've been catapulted high up in the air many times by an opponent disappearing and suddenly reappearing underneath me or an AI car) , unrealistic AI (not using brakes and just crashing into you, slowing down in the acceleration zone of corners etc.), no option to switch off the GHOST car (if you actually watch F1 you know how critical it is for the driver to get send out on a clear track with NO distraction to get the best qualifying lap) are still unchanged.



can you please concentrate on fixing the know issues with the driving experience (as above) and not on where the bumps are on the track etc. 


Thank you


PS: I'm playing on an iPad Pro with a 150MB/s connection (both ways)



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