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I know they've done a lot of work on the fuel system and how it simulates what you're burning. Can't say as I've seen how it is displayed on screen yet but the version of the game I've been playing is back from the start of the year so not everything is in it.

Post up an example picture of the fuel graph you are referring to and I'll see what I can find out :)
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I think the graph show in those images is useless for gameplay. As it doesn't show the target fuel at this stage of the race.

For gameplay you would need the following information for your own car:
- Current fuel use on this lap (all sessions)
- Avg fuel use per lap 
          In practice: per run (so you can test setup change and driving style change impact on fuel use).
          In Qualy: not needed, as it's always maximum allowed).
          In race: Over all laps driven.
- Target fuel consumption (to finish race. Update based on fuel left. So you can run engine leaner or richer depending on fuel levels compared to target)
- Total fuel used (race)

Also to be taken into account is the input controller used by the player. With a steering wheel / pedals it's much easier to save fuel in the driving style then with a pad and especially keyboard. As you can be much more precise with a wheel/pedals in your steering and acceleration / braking.

With all controllers you can release the throttle early and coast to save fuel before braking, but accelerating smoother or braking with less force is more difficult with pad and impossible with keys (so for single player that should be taken into account, for multiplayer I don't mind people with pad or keys being at a disadvantage)

Before the simracers here burn me to the stake, yes I know pad and especially keys are not realistic. But fact is there are people who use them and the game supports them, so CM should at least make sure there is proper support for them. Also to me, all input controllers are valid ways to play a game, as long as you enjoy the game there is no right or wrong way to play (though online all input controllers should be equalised, so there's no disadvantage).

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