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Should F1 go two teir like MotoGP?

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Yes, but only for a short amount of time (like MotoGP did/are). Having two tiers but a full grid was just as bad in MotoGP as only having as many bikes as points positions. There were still only 4 bikes in MotoGP that had a chance of winning a race. MotoGP is "dumbing down" next year so that all bikes are on the same set of rules but with the same amount of bikes, and if F1 needs to be two tiers for a few years to achieve that then so be it.  (WSBK, owned by the same people as GP, has also just been through the same process. Got the grid from 16/17 bikes to 25+ each weekend.)
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No because Melbourne was sort of like that anyway (just with less cars) and it...wasn't exciting.
What F1 needs is a consistent set of rules that don't keep changing every year. Although regulation changes shuffle the order somewhat, it doesn't make the chances of a team dominating any less. The last two major changes in 2009 and 2014 have both seen a team that's a step above the rest of the field.
I dare say that in 2014, all the engine suppliers should have worked together up to a point before going their seperate ways in development. That way, there might not have been such a huge gulf between them all.
I'll use Formula E as an example. For the first season they're all using the same power units (and chassis?) and it's made the racing exciting and it's getting the technology developed ready for when all the teams go their own way next season. I feel F1 could have done something similar last year and then let the engine suppliers go their own way for 2015 rather than the token system. For Honda, they could have developed alongside the others last season before, like the others, going their own way this year.
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