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Update 6 feedback hub

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Players not using assists have more skill and can use all the track which is why they are faster.

Having said that, I need Max assists on the iPhone but use none on the iPad so have a lot respect to those getting top times on their phones.


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7 hours ago, ChrisGrovesMCM said:

Thanks everyone for their feedback so far 🙂 The team have been using this do drive priorities for the usual post-update patch, which we're aiming to submit today and potentially roll out next week. Priority fixes include: 

- Fix for temporary halts/stoppages in steering when in cockpit view

- Reduction in bumpiness for some track areas 

- Further improvements in balance/mismatches at the start of Duels 


Full patch notes will be added here when the patch is live, but I'll also post when/if there are other community-reported topics that are being addressed. Thanks again! 

Reposted. Might be helpful to the team.

Chris, any thoughts on why Codies hasn’t applied simpler, effective deterrents to dirty driving and cheating? Suggested rules:

1. Go off-track in qualies? Invalidate the player’s lap time.

2. Go off-track in duels? For every instance, apply a 10-second penalty. I’m not sure 5 seconds would deter cheating players from taking some shortcuts like in the Silverstone clip above or driving through the Mistral Straight on Circuit Paul Ricard.

3. Collide with a rival in duels and cause them to go off-track or spin? For every instance, apply a 10-second penalty.

4. Collide with a rival in duels and cause them to DNF (crash)? Disqualify (black flag) the player and reduce their Cup Points, and increase the rival’s Cup Points.

Enforce these rules and watch dirty driving and cheating evaporate. Might teach the AI and bots a thing or 7 about clean driving. 😉

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