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League progress not saving

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Hi people,


I bought this game to play online championship seasons with a friend against the AI.

So I set up everything, all good. Problem is, we're both not the very best drivers.

So yesterday we started australia. Training, the whole qualifying and then the race.

At the start of the race my friend crashed. No problem, in previous f1 games I (the host) just quit to main menu and we could start the race over and over again.

But in 2019 we have to start from the beginning again, which means training, qualifying...

Anyone knows a workaround for that?

If not can you codemsters please make it like in all the previous f1 games?

Otherwise this would really be the first f1 game I cant enjoy :(




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Have exactly same issue. I play a league with my pal who is just getting into the F1 (usually he plays forza etc) so he too has the odd spin or crash and in 2017 we could quit and start again but we did this last night and we too were put back to the start of practise. When we play inbalance out the speed difference between us by using harder tyres and running in lean so we have a ok race together but as he is still getting used to the game the odd restart is going to happen so why in this year we can’t restart from where we were is distracting to say the least.

codemasters I agree can we go back to how it was. Sometimes if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. 👍

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