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Yes they did say that. FOM were allegedly concerned that if Codemasters applied the official race graphics and realistic camera angles people would confuse game footage with real life. Im literally laughing as I type this, how can they expect anyone to beleive these farcical, flaccid excuses.

They also claimed that they were subjected to "hardware limitations" and the old consoles couldnt handle it even if they were to betray FOM's iron fist and put it into the game... hello anyone here played gta5? Clearly Codemasters were hardly pushing the boundaries of the old consoles.

they even had the audacity to claim that because their game boasted full grids the realistic replays would push the hardware too hard, um you're the official license holders maybe you clowns should have thought of that. People are paying good money EXPECTING no less than full grids, how dare you peanuts try to imply that its some kind of luxury or miracle of god.

sometimes I think their heads are so far up their own schphincters theyve lost touch with reality
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