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[PC] Fix for the new Lighing System No Bloom

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Iv'e seen a lot of people on Youtube etc. that say the Lights are to bright and i have a simple fix for that!

First here are the Screenshot for the Comparison and what i mean

With Bloom activated


and now with deactivated Bloom



And now how to change it

1. Open your File Explorer in Win 10 or Win 7

2. Look for the Document Folder/Tab

3. Open it and then go to  My Games/F1 2019/hardwaresettings


4. Open the hardware_settings_config  with your Editor Like Notepad++ or the standart Win editor and search for the line   <postprocess


5. In this line at the end you find bloom="true" just edit it to "false" and save the file


6. Now you have no glow light anymore 🙂 in the Game




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