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Hard drive required?

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I am considering to purchase the disk of DiRT 1.

However, on the marketplace as accessed through the XBOX, it notes on the DiRT 1 page: "hard drive required." It repeats that 2 times.

My XBOX is an XBOX 360 E (a model introduced in 2013), which, like the SLIM models, possess no hard drive, just a 4 GB internal flash storage.

Will I be able to play the game if I process with the purchase of this disc? My worry is about single player, as I have no Live account, therefore no access to the multiplayer counterpart.

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It will be for the game saves and it was written way before those new versions of the xbox were available. It will work and save in the same way all your games on disc do so don't worry :)

(obviously you'll need to have enough free space on the memory)

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