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There is definitely going to be F1 2015 and a new DiRT game at some point, timings aren't known yet. I'm honestly not sure what's happening with GRID but I wouldn't be surprised if something wasn't happening in that area.

By the way, while I am a moderator, I'm not connected to Codemasters in any way, so I'm just stating what I know and think as a fan!
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Birmingham studio are going full tilt on F1 with a few people at HQ in Warwickshire helping out with art and code stuff.

The bulk of Warwickshire is working on DiRT though. Then we have a studio in Kuala Lumpur who help DiRT and F1 with art based stuff (making the trees, painting the roads etc) and we have another small mobile studio in Malta :)
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Not giving a glimpse at the development of the next installment of the Grid series ? Well alright, it might be too early indeed considering the gap between the first and second games. But its nice to know that the next DiRT is having serious effort put into it. I hope you guys are taking some basis for the handling from Autosport, even if most information would be gained only for tarmac stages. The mix of simulation/arcade made for a very enjoyable experience and its perfect for close wheel-to-wheel racing against friends.

Keep up the good work !

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