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Something CodeMasters completely forgot for Autosport and Grid 2 Split Screen. Please fix .

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Sometimes it`s the little things that make all the difference to a game.
My m8s and I have always enjoyed playing Splitscreen since the old NHS games and it`s great to have Splitscreem mode on PC in Grid 2 and Autosport.
Now the problem is while we are racing it`s difficult to tell who is shifting what gear  since we hear the gears mixed up in the stereo sound.
NFS solved this problem easily by having Player 1 sound in the right Speaker and Player 2 sound in the left speaker or vice versa.
Please patch Grid 2, Autosport and future Grid Splitscreens this way as it makes racing with manual gears a lot easier. Frankly, I`m surprised nobody in Codemasters thought of adding this as an option in the Audio.

One last question. A friend of mine`s name is Martin. Martin is spoken as a name in Grid, Grid2, but not in Autosport. Why did you remove that name in Autosport? Someone called Martin upset you guys maybe ? No big deal, but my friend asked me to ask. Luckily my name is still in. :)

Would appreciate a reply.
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We`ve tried loads of ways around it doing all sorts of things. Makes no difference. Can`t believe no one noticed this before. It makes Splitscreen gaming pretty hard as we mistake eachother`s gears half the time.
I thought Autosport was a recent game? they stopped supporting it already?? Anything for the fast cash, eh.
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Well I`d appreciate if they put a little attention here! We paid money for this game. I got the PC version and he the xbox version which means when we call round we only need to bring our control pads. How do i get their attention?
Do I have to send them a letter?
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