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F1 2019 - Skill Rating system broken [SG]


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On 7/3/2019 at 7:00 AM, Chrissigno said:

A really important thing, once you've reached 2000pt, the trophy will not pop. You NEED to do another race immediately and after completing the qualifying the trophy will come out!

On a related note, the A-Rank Safety rating unlocks in the same way. Do a session after you hit A and it should trigger.

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Hey guys, I posted a topic about this issue in F1 2018


Back then it attracted no attention. Since there is a heated discussion now, let me repost what I wrote back then, I think it's every bit as relevant now.

I have played a fair bit with the game since release both online/offline and I feel the newly introduced superlicence/safety rating system desperately needs some improvement. In my experience the most common safety rating is D. The share of D rated players has been gradually increasing since release. Why is that? Because a growing majority of F1 gamers are becoming ramming idiots? Not at all. I think the reason for that is the penalty system being too harsh. 
Apart from obvious bugs (addressing which is not the goal of this topic) what changes the safety rating?
* Your safety rating goes up if you race without penalties
* Your safety rating goes down if you receive penalties.
How can you receive penalties?
There are 3 main sources (yes there are others like jumping the start, not following safety car properly but I am just focusing on the significant ones)
* crashing with other cars
* leaving the track/corner cutting
* exceeding the pit lane speed limit

Now if you get penalties for any of these your safety rating will worsen after the race. 
Let's talk about the first one, crashing. Yes, people often get unjustified penalties because the game cannot decide who's at fault when somebody crashes into another player or it's lag/desync related. Let's face it there's no real chance the game can be a fair judge of that. But rammers will still be involved in a lot of crashes, clean racers will be involved in much less so in the long run rammers should have a far worse safety rating than clean racers. So getting safety rating penalties for crashing is (in the long run) OK.

What about the other two?
We all know that on most of the tracks it is almost impossible to do a full race without accidentally cutting a few corners under strict rules. I did a 25% Montreal race yesterday where I cut turn 4 three times, touched nobody during the whole race and my safety rating decreased afterwards despite being a respectful driver. When you run off track that's not disrespecting other drivers, that's misjudging a corner, your speed, your tires etc. If you get a time penalty for these actions that's a completely rightful penalty in my view. But you don't have to get a downgrade in your safety rating!
Same with speeding in the pit lane. What does it have to do with my honest and respectful racing? Nothing. If I miss the pit lane entry speed limit, a 5 second penalty is just enough. I didn't endanger anyone on track.
The problem of the safety rating system is that only the first main cause of penalties is related to clean racing / fair play. The safety rating should only depend on contact with other cars. The other rule violations are adequately penalisad in race and the race end results already reflect that. The current too harsh system sends a lot of clean racers to category D who then have to play together with the real rammers.
Codemasters, would you please consider altering the safety rating system? 


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In the meantime, I've made few mentions about the problem in social media. If you can, you can upvote, forward, like, etc. for more recognition.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Patrickosan/status/1147143395745456128

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/F1Game/comments/c7r5ii/f1_2019_skill_rating_system_problems/

Facebook: Awaiting for guest post approval (they will probably delete it)


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45 minutes ago, Turniton said:

Please let us know whether there are any improvements after this!!! Thanks! 

No, I didn't see any improvements and I doubt it's related with a possible fix. Fixing skill rating requires proper patch, I doubt it's even server side, at least not everything. Rank goes as slowly as it was and takes points away even when you are 4 or 5th. I played 5 placement races, in 3 I was on the podium and in 2 I was on 4 and 5th places. I ended up with 1750 points, which was exactly what I had before the reset. I was racing with so many no-lifes, that it was really hard to go above 4th position. I think it's just a bug or something that the reset occurred. 

I will play more tomorrow, but ranked online in this game is starting making me sick... It's 2019 and we have online here like if it was 1999, no boundaries, dummy skill rating that's not working right now as it should, destruction derby in each race, and etc. No matter if I start from the first row or last, there will be always a mess. Few years back I would say it's kinda normal in online racing, but after Gran Turismo, I know it's possible to do great experience in online. Going to CM games after that is like going back to the ancient times. They need to step up if they want to have any positions at serious racer games. Right now it's Need For Speed level or even lower, because NFS at least is not trying to be some try hard online racing simulator. 

I don't want to sound like an ass or something, and if I do than sorry, that's not my intention here, but is it possible that person who came up with "Pure Gold" trophy/achievement could show up in this topic and tell us what was the purpose of such a ridiculous challenge with a broken Skill Rating that takes massive amount of points for even smallest mistake, not even from our fault? I'm playing only online for like a week and I'm seriously not making any progress and even if I do it's being removed by night or by some moron in next race who decided to ram me. It's really kinda depressing to be punished all the time, no matter if you race as hard as you can or placing in top positions. 

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Online is so broken seriously. My friend and I played league (twice) and neither of us got a medal. I also saw that his ratings got reset just like Patricko's. Finishing 10 races doesn't work either. But I don't want to derail this topic... getting gold skill rating never should have been a requirement with such a broken system.

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Pure Gold should be named Pure Frustration


here's a solution to make everybody happy, change the trophy to the one from last year were we just had to obtain a skill rating online

easy fix, no frustration, everyone can get the trophy/achievement

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52 minutes ago, Downforce0205 said:

I didn't play yesterday and my rating decrease 40 points. ***???? 

Same thing happened to me twice..im not even plating it anymore..and really dont care if they will fix the game. Next year after 10 years the only sure thing will happen..that i will save my money. F1 and codemasters..never again..pay for a game that doesnt have nothing to do with a F1..its a joke..trophies bugged, points lost without a reason, useless online with people ramming at you and you will get punished for that..this year its a very bad game.!whoever did this..good job..gold ability for ruined a game reached!!😂😂

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On 7/2/2019 at 7:00 PM, BECOll said:

Buff reward points minimum 2x and remove penalty points for dnf's all together. If you gave harsh penalty points for contact, like 10-30 points per collision for the instigator, that'd help reduce salty boys. Shouldn't lose points when the power goes out or the lobby disconnects you cause internets, these are out of our control.

If you GET retired from contact, you shouldn't get a penalty. Quitting and BEING retired are two different things, can't be that hard to decipher between them. 


same with assists, when using more assists, it should reward you far less points then when running no assists.

after all, it's a SKILL BASED points system right? Most gold rated players in lobbies are assist users. But people who try to master no assists are always in such a disadvantage in many ways that it's simply not a really fair system. When you try to get skilled without assists, it should be rewarded much more then someone who only pushes 2 buttons and does a little bit steering but doesn't get punished when going offline or whatever. 

The reward system for SKILL points is completely wrong way around and caters the lesser skilled players and punishes the player who actually have skill.

again: if you call it a SKILL system, then reward skill, and not the other way.

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Just did another online one...

the amount of gold "skill" players is stupid, everyone knows that to win, you need all assists on.

laptimes deficit round a second a lap! 

For non assist users this is so demotivating to go online en try to be competitive. What's the use? When you in fact have the skill and carcontrol without assists, you'll almost never finish good because half the lobby is cheating. (Yes i call it cheating). Why? It takes ZERO skill to go fast with assists. You can go full throttle over kerbs, through gravel, against other cars wothout even beeing punished by the mistake like spinning of or losing control. And these people have a so called gold "SKILL"

it ****** me off so bad that when you invest time to really get the hang of this without assists, you just get slapped in the face because there's not 1! Downside to using assists. It increases all chances to win, get more points and for what? Because you show "skill" by pressing full throttle and full brake and the rest is done for you? 

The system should be renamed to cheater status. The higher the status, the better the cheater. 

Lobbies MUST be split! Let the cheaters be together, and the people who actually have some skill be together. Then we could have some good and FAIR racing!

every single person who doesn't use ABS and TC has got 1000 times more skill then any assist ABUSER. It must be a really good feeling to finish in first knowing you didn't have the actual skill but are the best at cheating in that lobby.

it's disgusting!

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Right now, playing this game in online (and offline to be honest too) it's pointless. I'm losing points after points, because of rammers, disconnections, errors, and etc. I've never played such a broken game from a long time. 

I'm reviewing this game for my local site and it's getting 1/5 from me and a big warning to not buy Codemasters games at launch at full price and especially font buy F1 2019. I know it won't change a thing, but if at least one person will think about it before buying, than I'm happy.

This is enough, it's 3 or 4 year in row when they releasing such a broken piece of (you know what). This time they went overboard with Pure Gold achievement and broken Skill Rating. At least in past years they didn't require us to hit gold, so not many people knew how broken it is. Now they shot themselves in the head and they literally should have a serious talk with a person responsible for this trophy/achievement. It's only frustration, anger and pure hate for whoever put a finger in this broken mode. 

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I'm level 38 now, keepin my safety rank S since i first got it

i always stay around 1300 points so this trophy is not obtainable for me



-change it to the requirements from last year, obtaining a skill rating

-having a bad race or ending last shouldn't result in point loss, it's demotivating.

- create a system that no matter what position you finish, you earn points. 


Surely something can be done about this frustrating achievement

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Allright. CM, the solo game is wonderful. I like it a lot. I have almost every f1 game from you. But this online skill system is a big joke. My skill points are disapearing. Just vanished? And how in earth could I get 2k points with all those bumbercar dudes online? It's terrible... Please patch this trophy or something.

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So after losing 300 points yesterday due to a blue error screen it took me like 8 hours today to gain them back so I'm back to 1800 again, This really has got to be the most broken skill system in an online game that punishes you just so hard for errors out of your own control...

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