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Grid Autosport A. I.

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      I am really, really looking forward to Autosport and am a massive fan of Codemasters but I am worried by something I read on the Expert Reviews website relating to the A I :

"AI drivers also make mistakes, but based on what we've seen they appear to be heavily scripted. We drove four races at Jarama and saw the same crashes and spins at the same corners. One in particular saw a car rolling spectacularly after smashing into the tyre barriers, but after seeing this multiple times, it lost its novelty."

Please tell me this is not true as I feel it would spoil the game in a big way for the crashes and mistakes of the A I to be scripted like this.

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It probably wasn't scripted. What happened for the person that wrote that article was probably that it's like the F1 games where the AI for some reason isn't as good at and have a higher likelihood of making mistakes at certain corners. CM could probably fix things like that if it was caught during testing. But I don't think it was intentional on CM's part to have cars all running off the track at the same place.
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No, the AI aren't scripted like that.

Yes, the AI are more human like and will still make the same mistakes that you do. Whether this is running wide or having a racing incident following a battle with the car in front.

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