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[PC] F1 2019 Heusinkveld pedal inputs do not map correctly


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I have installed F1 2019 today on PC (win 10 x64).  I have a fanatec podium DD1 wheelbase with a McLaren GT3 rim and Heusinkveld pedals.

In the controller settings both devices (wheel and pedals) are recognized.  However, by default, the "Accelerate" mapping is to the "Y-" axis of the pedals, which is the Heusinkveld clutch pedal.  The default "Clutch" setting is mapped to button 5, which is the upshift paddle on the wheel.  This can be seen in the "Default_Mappings.jpg" attachment.

When I attempt to correct this in the "Calibration" section of the settings, the Heusinkveld throttle pedal then maps to the "X+" axis, which conflicts with the default "Steer Right" of the wheel (see attachment Throttle_Mapping.jpg"

When calibrating the Heusinkveld clutch pedal in the same fashion the "Clutch" setting is then mapped to the "Z+" axis in the settings (see "Clutch_Mapping.jpg" attachment).

At this point, in the calibration section, when I go to adjust deadzones etc, the brake pedal is fine.  However, when the throttle pedal is pushed, no input is registered.  When the clutch pedal is pushed, it registers against the throttle input.

Essentially, I cannot map the throttle input to my physical throttle pedal successfully through what would appear to be a very simple process.  The result does not change if I create a custom control set or if I unplug the clutch pedal.  The game does not appear to accept input from the Heusinkveld throttle pedal, except during the binding process.  Once bound, the game reverts to accepting input only from the clutch pedal.

The game version is 1.03.

Any help would be appreciated as to this point, I have as yet to see any track time.

Thanks in advance.











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I have physically switched the axis of the throttle and clutch pedals on the Heusinkveld controller and now the game will accept input from the throttle.  Haven't tested the clutch as yet, but, I can always use the wheel paddles for that.

Less that ideal to have to do this for the game to accept the inputs correctly and I will have to go through the process of adjusting other games, which is a pain, but, I might get some track time in this game at least.

The remaining issue is the calibration itself, but, per forum guidelines I will start another thread.

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