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I'd like to choose my own repairs

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When I finish my daily sessions I like to go into my garage and repair my cars if needed.

I often find aspects of the car that could do with a repair but I don't get the option to do so.

Could you make it that I can choose my own repairs?


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but that's the whole point of the upgrade to the chief engineer. bits on the car get damaged or worn down, and as you upgrade him he notices things to fix earlier (ie with less damage and thus less cost to you).

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Posted (edited)

I hear what you're saying @ianism but all my Engineers are fully upgraded and all my cars too.

So I would still like to choose my own repairs as it seems then that the fully upgraded Engineers might not be up to the job!

Oh and thanks for replying 🙂


DiRT Rally 2_0_20190711143257.jpg

DiRT Rally 2_0_20190711143744.jpg

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it's the chief engineer only. he has a specific upgrade that means you can fix the parts when they're less worn or damaged, meaning it's less likely you'll be stuck on a stage or in a service area with a ton of damage.

the upgrades to the car (other than tuning unlock) just make certain parts more durable.

my point is that they did it this way on purpose. it's part of the progression system, and thus they're not very likely to change it. I personally kind of like it this way.

it means even once you've upgraded everything, some damage and wear to parts always carries over from event to event, championship to championship, which you don't normally ever see in other games. it makes the cars feel more yours.

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