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Logic3 Top Drive GT DIRT3 PS3

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Hello. I bought this wheel thinking it would work for the game. The wheel does work, but it has a huge dead zone that makes me impossible to play. Looking on the internet I found out that you can modified that dead zone and other settings (Options/wheel options/advanced wheel options), but when I am conected with the wheel that option doesn´t appear at all. Is like the game doesn´t reconize the wheel. This thing anoys me very much, because the wheel is OFFICIALLY suported for the game. Is there any program or solution that can fix this problem?

Thank you very much

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Hi @SlimCharles, welcome to the forum.

Can I ask you to go to options/controls then select "choose Preset" (should be 3rd option down) you should have two options at this point "keyboard or "Logic3 usb wheel)" make sure you have your wheel selected as the default controller,. this should then allow you to go into the advanced wheel settings and change the dead zone.

Hope this helps.

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