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More legends, please!


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Having the character model and helmet for Prost and Senna has been a really nice addition for career mode. Right now, Prost is enjoying coming out of retirement to race for Renault in my game!

I'd love to have more legends available (even if it means $ DLC). I would pay whatever for the chance to use Villeneuve's likeness and helmet in career mode. Off the top of my head you could include people like Schumacher, Hakkinen, Hill, Villeneuve, Alonso(!), Button(!) -- basically give us the champions of the 90s-00s. Additionally, each could come with the car they won the championship with, or another from their career.

Appreciate there are probably licensing agreements to take care of, but if F1 2019 proves anything, it's that there is a way to implement most things


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