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Orange sausage kerbs

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A simple question : why they're all flat ?

In all tracks who got massive orange sausage kerbs (CotA, Canada, Mexico, Monza, and moslty Sochi) to prevent corner cutting in real life, in the game they're ALL flat (or just ineffective because too small) just a orange marking where the kerbs should be. But why ? The worst part is in Canada, CotA and Monza before F1 2017 they weren't flat AT ALL. You know that adding massive bump kerbs instead of orange marking would prevent corner cutting Codemasters ? Moslty at Sochi and CotA were corner cutting is always present in multiplayers sessions ? And since your penalty system is sometimes completely random, it can only help.

The only tracks who got orange sausage present is Abu Dhabi but again, they're not as big as real life. And in fact it work prettly well in multiplayer, witnessing multiple spin from other people when running on it. Same happen in the last chicane of Catalunya.

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