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Fanatec Formula V2 button mapping

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On 7/1/2019 at 1:45 PM, DaleRossi said:

Codemasters could fix some pretty basic things with this by not making the MFD menus active unless you open it first. At least, that would help with ERS and DRS.

Are you on Xbox? If so, most of it is an Xbox problem, unfortunately. Really sucks as I have the same wheel.  Why MICROSOFT doesn't support peripheral mapping fully as it would on PC is beyond me.

Being able to map ERS and Fuel is seemingly impossible without cycling through a menu while driving.

I have found away to do fuel and Wes but it restricts using other options in the MFD, I have mine set as so... on my McLaren Wheel I use the joystick up/ down as Fuel and left/right as ERS, this is down on MFD custom settings.. I then use Voice commands for tyre changes etc. It works but is really inconvenient and restricted..


Formula V2 Wheel arrives tomorrow and as I understand it the spinners don’t work on Xbox either??

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3 hours ago, JoeBreezy07 said:

PC isn’t as much an issue. You can sideload software making both thumb wheel encoders function. Consoles is the main issue.

What would you say the cost is to change to PC gaming.. naturally the PC is going to bust the bank..lol

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