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Havana ooh-na-na

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Hey team,

You've probably seen them already but I wanted to post these stunning screenshots of one of our brand new circuits for GRID: Havana. 

This street circuit, playable across all modes with multiple routes and weather conditions available, is a real thriller. Tight and twisty sections, interwoven with fast, flowing corners, all with an exotic backdrop dripping in atmosphere. Basically, it's a lot of fun, and we can't wait to show you more. Footage of Havana in action is in the works, so watch this space. 

We're obviously focused on giving you fresh content all the time to enjoy, but there's certainly a specific focus on getting NEW things from GRID out to you. New circuits, cars, features, events - there is so much in GRID that separates it from the pack, so keep an eye out for more stuff like this as we head towards launch. 

Plus, as we're always keen to hear: What would YOU like to see next from GRID? Let us know and we'll keep it in mind 😉 




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Well... I come here out of Facebook, so I'm new here... Thank You so much for the GRID-News!😎

Cannot wait to see a few Tuner-Cars onto the screenshots, the gameplay would be great to see as well.:classic_blink:

I'm really looking forward to this new GRID this year... I mean I saw the graphics and I'm really shocked!😍

And I have never expected GRID to comeback this year, this is the biggest surprise in my life so far!😱

I keep my eyes open for the GRID-News, be sure I'll do that - Thank You in advance! Standby & Seeya!:classic_wink:


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Its gonna be probably my favorite location in Grid i hope there is day version and not only night as it seems in picture..

And Chris dont forget to add at least after release both drift and derby mode for online custom lobbies (in my opinion playlist is useless i would like this not to exist at all) and text chat both in race and lobby would be very helpful for MP.to have long life..

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2 hours ago, Sir.Smoke said:

Havana looks beautiful, the small amount of locations is a bit worrying though. Red Bull Ring, Yas Marina, COTA ? .. SPA ???

Yes, at least bring back the old tracks like Jarama, Instanbul Park and Autosport raceway. They are great tracks and easy to copy into the game.

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21 hours ago, scottishwildcat said:

I hate street circuits 😞

Sorry but street circuits for me  its what Grid is all about..

Circuits are more for simulators if CM removed completely circuits to make circuits i would be so happy.. Between 3 Grid games still Milano is my pick.. Panic norrow pass entering in Catherdal... Dead wrecks and spare parts here and there

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