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Realistic Driver Transfer Stories

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At Japan Season 1 and just had my 1st mid-season transfer!

Racing Point has the 4th best car yet Stroll only has 24pts to Perez's 126 as they fight Renault for 4th place.

After Stroll repeatedly blamed the team favoring Perez publicly, his public drunken escapades on social media and corporate pressure on his father to beat Renault; Lawrence Stroll  did the unthinkable and grabbed a real driver in Lando Norris to ensure 4th in the constructors.

Lancelot went to struggling Mclaren with a pocketful of cash; thanks to dad, but only a contract till the end of the season.

Will this move ensure a RP 4th?

What happens to Stroll in 2020?

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Well, while we are talking about Lance Stroll, here is another realistic story:

So, I started my career at Racing Point and to my surprise, my Teammate was not Lance Stroll but Sergio Perez. You can imagine the confusion around the paddock. People were asking questions left and right about why on earth the guy whose dad owns the team ended up without a seat in season 1. The answer came after the summer break. Turns out Lawrence Stroll had sidelined his son, because he had a secret master plan and had been tirelessly negotiating behind the scenes.

There had always been some doubt about whether or not Pierre Gasly had been ready for the move up to Red Bull and as it turned out, he was not. He was just 6 points ahead of me in my Racing Point after the Hungarian GP and even though he scored his first pole position at that race and finished 2nd, it was his last race for the top team.

At the Belgian GP, Red Bull Racing announced that Lance Stroll would return to the grid and replace Pierre Gasly.

Gasly was then picked up by Renault, since the team was quite happy to have a french driver on the team. Gasly replaced Nico Hülkenberg, who retired from F1 after the Hungarian GP. Appearantly the German had a clause in his contract that allowed him to leave the team, if he did not score a podium by the summer break. Hülkenberg had been ahead of teammate Daniel Ricciardo up to that point, but it seems he has had enough of being stuck in the midfield.

Pierre Gasly then made a bit of a statement on track at the Belgian GP by getting his Renault ahead of the Red Bull of Max Verstappen, but even more notably, Lance Stroll defeated the dutchman as well, making a decent debut in P6 for the Red Bull Team, while Verstappen managed only P10. The Canadian is now the talk of the paddock and we shall see, if he can keep exceeding expectations.


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