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Can I Please Get Some Braking and Accelerating Advice? I’m Losing Over Half A Second A Lap At All Tracks! (Video Included)

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I’m having a lot of trouble with braking and trail breaking in this game, also with accelerating out of corners. I’m not bad at it but I can definitely get a lot better. At each track I’ve attempted in Time Trial I’ve been losing over half a second just on the brakes and a bit more in accelerating out of the corners to my rival every lap, I know this as I can see where I lose all the time thanks to my rivals ghost/telemetry. I’m using a Xbox One Elite Controller and currently my best time is at China I’m now P12 in the standings on Xbox, but still over half a second down on P1 who’s also using a controller.

Can somebody give me some general advice on braking and accelerating or any controller calibration tips that may help? 

This video is a few days old as I set a new lap time today of 1:31.203 as I used a setup for the first time at China which took me up to P12 from P13. I’m still having the same problems regardless of this marginal improvement.

Thank you

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