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Blank screen when trying to link accounts

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So I decided to create a Racenet account to keep track of my online play for F1 Race Stars, but when I try to link my PSN account to my Racenet account I keep getting a blank screen, even when I've used three of the five major browsers (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 10, and Maxthon). I've tried to see what the problem is, whether it's accepting cookies or something on my end, but I've found nothing and I'm growing tired of trying to link my PSN account when my other accounts (Twitter and Facebook) are linked perfectly!

The latest URL, from trying to link accounts, is https://accounts.codemasters.com/auth/psn/completelink?code=DehTFr; I don't know if that means that the accounts are linked but it certainly doesn't show them as linked at all. Any help would be appreciated :3
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Hey Sparky,

Sorry to hear about the problem, not to sure what it could be. If you send an email to custserv@codemasters.com with the email address you signed up with and the accounts you are trying to link to they'll be able to have a look at it for you. :)
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