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[PC] BCR Int. Monday 20:00 CEST - Looking for drivers

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Blind Competitive Racing is known as a Dutch/Belgian league which now expanded their league with an international tier. Since the Dutch/Belgian tier is also running on monday's 20:00 we are also looking for someone who would like to manage our league. We are also planning to run a F2 season on wednesday's 19:00 CEST as soon as it's released to multiplayer. All of the information about our league can be found on our discord (https://discord.gg/APsR2SA).


When do we race?

We race on monday's 20:00 CEST

Where can I sign up?

You can sign up on our discord: https://discord.gg/APsR2SA


  • Braking assist: Off
  • Anti-Lock brakes: On
  • Traction control: Full
  • Automatic gearbox: Automatic
  • Pit assists: Off
  • Pit release assists: Off
  • Dynamic racing line: Full
  • ERS mode: Automatic

Session Options:

  • AI Driver Level: 90
  • Category: F1 2019
  • Car performance: Equal
  • Maximum Players: 22
  • Practice lenght: None
  • Qualifying: Short (18 min)
  • Race distance: 50%
  • Quick Weather: Dynamic
  • Session start time: Official
  • Session Privacy: Invite Only

Race Settings:

  • Parc Fermé Rules: On
  • Collisions: On
  • Vehicle damage: Reduced
  • Ghosting: On
  • Car setup: Full
  • Safety Car: On
  • Rules and Flags: On
  • Corner cutting stringeny: Strict
  • Formation lap: On
  • Race starts: Manual


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