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F1 2019 - Alternatives for controllers (PS4)

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Hi everyone,

I would like to play with some sort of wheel, as steering with the controllers isn't very smooth.
But I also don't want a big set-up like a Playseat with pedals and what not.

One would think there must be some kind of simple gaming wheel (a la Mario Kart) where I can steer with the wheel, nothing more, and enjoy the game a lot more.

But all I can find are these wheel-setups that need to be attached on a table/desk, with pedals. But I'm a console player. So I'm just sitting on a couch in front of a tv. Are there any alternatives? Or are there really only these (very expensive) wheels that you need to build onto a desk?

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You can attach a wheel to a table top with a clamp, you don’t have to build an entire rig to run a wheel. There are wheels available in the 100-200 Eur/usd range that work fine

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Hi.. I use a Xbox one wireless controller because I play in Xbox platform.. What I noticed about this F1 2019 that is this game it was been developed to wheel users.. I play with a controller so I had spent a few hours finding the best settings for me.. The feeling had improved a lot.. I hope that can help you.. Go to the controller settings in options tab and go to calibration.. After you put like this :

Steering Deadzone 0

Steering Linearity 50

Steering Saturation 5

Throttle Deadzone 0

Throttle Linearity 50

Throttle Saturation 0

Braking Deadzone 0

Braking Linearity 50

Braking Saturation 0


Hope that works for you too.. 

P. S: Maybe you can improve steering saturation to 8 or 10 values but it is depending of your driving style.. 

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8 minutes ago, Ahmedelewa78 said:

I started to play it yesterday, facing the same problem.

Try my controller settings mate.. They are much clooser to the "reality" feeling and i had spent how most 3 weeks in tunning them.. After trying them please give some Feedback about 

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Play the game in Controller is complicated, I tried several settings on the xbox one controller and none of them worked for me. I have the feeling that it is necessary to keep changing the sensitivity for each circuit that you will run, so it is complicated

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