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You have been kicked for cheating on PS4

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Yesterday I left an online ranked race by shutting the PS4 down. Today, when I try to enter an online game - the game keeps saying - You have been kicked for cheating.

I have no idea why this is happening to me. I don't even know if you can cheat on a PS4 :)...

Someone from Codemasters  will you please help me??

Name on PS4: NeR_Vader


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That's a new one to me, 

maybe you got reported to Sony ,

i have noticed blatant cheating in the times trial mode with people going completly off the track full speed and not getting any track or invalid laps , I've only got to put 2 wheels on the white line and I get the above,

track and invalid laps do happen more to wheel users then pad users, so I am interested to know what one you use,

sorry I couldn't help you but I will keep a close eye on this,

cheers mark.

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