I know that most of you are in love with the new F1 game, so do I, but there is one thing I can't stand - the handling model. I've never had such a bad experience when playing an F1 game, really. The car in career is extremely understeer and sometimes doesn't want to turn. In Monaco in FP3, with wings 11/8 I can't make the first corner without touching the wall. I have to break to speed under 100 km/h to make it. With wings like this, the car is understeer at the entry and oversteer at the exit and vice versa. I get zero satisfaction and fun from playing, only frustration. I race on 100 difficulty level and I'm struggling to maintain ma teammate's pace (Racing Point) or even complete practice programs. I tried a variety of setups but always the same result, the only thing that changes is that oversteer disappears and understeer gets bigger. My pace is much better in races so I can match my teammate but it's not enough. Is there any chance of this being fixed? Sorry in advance for bad English.