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Falsely banned/ or bug?

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So I´ve been playing F1 2018 last year as my first racing game ever and played it for roundabout 130hours and I have being enjoying it so much I ordered Codemasters new game F1 2019.

Have been playing it for 20 hours since and today I logged in to play a multiplayer ranked match to relax a bit from the career and I couldnt join any online game because I have been kicked because of "cheating".


I have not been setting any spectacular lap-times nor have I been abusing any bugs. Have I been falsely banned? Is it a common bug because of the early release of the game? Coming home after a stressful day at school and not being able to do what you´ve been looking forward to whilst being at school is really frustrating :D I have 1 Vac ban on record because I was cheating in modern warfare 2 but haven´t been cheating in games since.

I appreciate any help from you people.

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15 minutes ago, vpilotnick said:

Haste irgendwelche Liveries oder sonst was installiert?


Nope, nichts an den Dateien verändert/hinzugefügt

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1 hour ago, vpilotnick said:

Setups ausm Workshop geladen?


Nach dem gefühlt 20. mal neustarten ging es auf einmal... Aber danke. Ist aber trotzdem komisch, da ich nichts verändert habe oder Sachen aus dem Workshop geladen habe.


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