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Display Scaling Dirt 2 after 1.5.1 update not working

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After the 1.5.1 update, display scaling is no longer working. To get full-screen on a 4k monitor the resolution in game must be 3840x2160. But then the FPS is too low. Before the update, I played full-screen with 2560x1440 and it worked for me. 

After the update, the game is no longer scaling and with 2560x1440 black edges around the game appear. So the game no longer uses the whole monitor screen. How to fix??? see photo of monitor.



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Ok, found it. At the same time the update of Dirt 2.0 came, I installed the latest Nvidia drivers. With that, inside the Nvidia settings, scaling was deactivated. So it is not the game, but the Nvidia settings. All is well again. Save for SLI support for Dirt Rally 2.0, still waiting for that.

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