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PS4 - LEAGUE SYSTEM - AI options Bugged or Fundamentally Flawed?


Before I go into detail of what I believe is either broken or a major oversight within the NEW League System on F1 2019, I want to explain what WE at FNL1 eSports run in our league. This may or may not be what other leagues do or offer but "I" assume most top level leagues run a similar system. 

We run a highly competitive PS4 league. With regular 18-20 car grids. These number can vary and often do when real life events intervene from time to time. We have learnt to be as flexible as possible but also fair to all drivers. In saying that, more often then not out of our pool of drivers there often is not a full grid of 20 cars. We use a system of 2 dropped rounds over a 21 race season. This is our way of being flexible to the odd missed race. As good as the AI option is we neither want it nor require it. As a matter of fact it is a particular hindrance to other drivers who race regularly. 

When creating a LEAGUE, at the FORMAT tab, we are presented with this screen:


The AI option is available, but Privacy is by default set on PUBLIC and MULTIPLAYER Car is locked in. If we change this to 2019 Cars by setting the Privacy to PRIVATE we can see in this screenshot that the AI option now becomes faded out and by default set to "VISIBLE IN THE STANDINGS" and CANNOT be changed!


This seems intentional...  I noticed this basic flaw while watching F1® 2019 | DEFEAT YOUR RIVALS | LEAGUES . Here you can see when Chief Games Designer Gav Cooper selects the 2019 cars the AI option below fades out. Why?

At the time i noted this as a concern, but I also noted that the "Allow AI Substitution" option was still available. So I assumed that by turning this off it would override the "AI" default option which is LOCKED in with "Visible in standings". As you can see in my 2 screen shots this option is totally unavailable in either MULTIPLAYER Cars or 2019 Cars. Why?

So is this a bug... or is it working as intended? Either way this is fundamentally flawed and is the proverbial brick wall that prevents our league from using the new LEAGUE SYSTEM. 



There are other issues with the League system that are not as critical but are no less vital to catering to ALL eSport Leagues. Here is a list of a few, but I'm sure others will have more.

* Inability to have reserve drivers. This would be much better then having AI as the ONLY option to replace any unused slots.

* Inability to populate calander with random dates. Some leagues follow the real life F1 calander which does not always follow a 2 week schedule as we all know.

* Lack of a Constructors Championship. Thats the WHOLE point of using 2019 Cars 

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100 percent correct. @Faya or anyone else from Codemasters, can you please give us a definitive answer on this? 

The point about reserve drivers is spot on. We should have an option to be able to bring in drivers at any given point through the season. Unfortunately we are not paid millions to turn up and as we know real life does get in the way from time to time or some drivers have a falling out and leave the league. For this new system to be viable and used by eSports leagues we need to be able to remove and install drivers at the Owners will to fill the grid NOT with Ai. Otherwise there’s a good chance that some leagues will be decimated within a few races. This was/is the MAJOR flaw of the league/championship system within Slightly Mad Studios Project Cars 2.


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I don't know if you noticed but if you select the f1 2019 cars when proceeding into the next event there isn't an option to change the car performance so they are all set on equal, this ruins the mini league that i run with a few friends as we try to compete in the Mercedes and Ferrari 

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