Me too...  only looking at the past, well... they take their time, patch a lot of stuff what wasn't pointed out by the community, and mostly it broke something else.  1 example: safety car. CM should take a look at for instance Bungie, they neglected their community also in the beginning, and that wasn't good for them. Even on Youtube the complaints were everywhere. They didn't listen to the community and lost a lot of players. nowadays they communicate a lot with their community, make roadmaps, ask plyers for input, and a lot of input is actually beeing worked on and fixed. Result: their community is more satisfied, much happier, and feels like they are taken seriously. but showing some transparancies, communicating with their playerbase about what they are working on for the next patch and what is more complicated and will be patched at a later stage is nowhere to be found here. is it too much to ask for to post once in a while any form off update to the community with a sort of roadmap or whatever where they tell us what they are working on, so we as a community can see that they actually listen to us.  Saying they do doesn't mean **** to me, SHOW us that they do is much more valuable. Actions speak louder than words. But the lack of communication from CM is just terrible. Not the community managers, but any Dev who also knows how to type a  small story about upcoming changes is that too much too ask? when I see twitter replies of 1 sentence: will be coming in a later patch. Or whatever Lee tweeted. COME ON! It's your playerbase! Your community! The people who buy the stuff they make! Replies like that are just taking the easy way out to avoid difficult questions. Just leave them in the dark.  That's information that's as usefull as a jerrycan gasoline to extinquish a fire.
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