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Developing Good Setups

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Hey guys, 

I want to learn to develop a good set up to each track. I want to learn it.

Do you have some materials or content that will teach it?

Thank you. 


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Posted (edited)

There are some video's on YouTube that you might find helpful. I didn't though due to all the set-ups had min-max toe in or out and the wheel camber was maxed out as wheel. Along with really soft suspension and such. I don't have a clue how some of these drivers/players run the car like that. The car slides way to much for the way I drive. I'm setting up the car in theory as they should be. If I'm able to improve on my current set-ups by a second I'll share what I've done with you. 

@PowerSw88 shared his video. Though I believe it's in German.



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