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SOS Senna & Prost

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Hi everyone,


I had purchased the legendary édition of f1 2019 and i had installed the game, downloaded the extension through the code that I found in the game box to get the legendary extension. 

I saw it downloaded but from day 1 i didn't find the senna and prost part in the game.

Where is it ?

Is it installed..

I m lost, please help me :(

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It's in the championship area, along another kinds of championships.

I did all of them, quite disappointing and silly. Only did it to use Senna's face and helmet in career mode, but the helmet looks quite silly without sponsors. And career mode is awful with so much driver transfers and mid level teams becoming top tear teams in the next season.


Thankfully I paid cheap for it on a deal for PC, if I had paid a lot of money for it I would be mad about it.

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