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Absolutely love F1 2019, but...

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First off, I've been playing F1 2019 for a few days now and I absolutely love it (mostly). It's the perfect blend of fun/challenging. 


However, there are a few bugs that are a little bit irritating. 

- There's been a few times I've got in to Q3 and not set a time, then started the race with around 20% wear on tyres that haven't been used? 

- I'm currently doing the Monaco weekend in career mode and have seen a few glitchy bits around the track, mainly around T1, exit of T11 and T18.

- Also, during a few of the cutscenes the graphics take a while to buffer properly, which isn't a big deal, but thought it best to mention anyway.

I'm playing on PS4, with 95% AI driving for McLaren on career mode (consistently in the top 10 as well, which I'm pretty proud of)


Anyone else having any of these issues? 

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