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What Did I Miss?

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Took a few weeks off from the game, no duals, events, nothing.  Blood pressure, stress, way down.  Had so much more time as I  wasn’t constantly waiting for game to load only to have no server.  Wife got more sleep as she wasn’t woken by anguished cursing and screaming at all hours.  Heck I even remembered her name twice.  So what have I missed?  Apparently nothing.  Picked up the game with “Downgrade 6” changing the entire game play introducing “ice” racing, more frequent car flying, and auto launch.  Car characteristics have once again completely changed due to overwhelming demand! (Sarcasm)  Fortunately the long standing issues go unaddressed, but the chance for a shiny new chassis is dangled.   So..........what did I miss?   Absolutely nothing.

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