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VR & Triple Monitor Setup - Expanding options

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Hi Codemasters. 

I'm a proud owner of a few of your games...

I would like to Request some attention from the developers to 2 "crucial" patch's that should be done, in the camera/monitor Settings. 

The first request is the obvious support to VR, in the current timeline,
games like DIRT 2.0 or F1 series, should become/have VR native Support.
VR brings a lot of immersion to the games... 

Games like asseto corsa project cars rfactor etc... already bring native support to vr, even euro truck simulator has it... so why not Codemasters. 
I definitely recommend implementing this. 


The Second Request its directed to people who owned a triple monitor setup, and by some reason, don't have all 3 monitors either equal or with different stands. 
Project Cars2 made a good calibration for monitors, because they know sim racers are going to play the game, and most sim-racers have triple monitors setup. 

I would like to example what I'm saying
In the attachment, there's a video, in there you can see my setup, currently, I have a
Left size: 24 inch

Center: 27 inch

Right: 27 

I'm running Project Cars2, and i have configured the screens in the game. 
You can adjust this setting to get a nice view of all 3 monitors. even if they are different, like in my case.
In F1 2019 and all other titles from Codemasters that i recall, this "feature" or setting, isn't available, and it kind of ruins the view... as you can see in f1bad.jpg 

as you can see in the video after adjusting pcars2, it all runs smoothly... please Copy and implement this in F1 and other Codemasters games like Dirt 2.0. 


This Fixed and VR would be a great silent patch to the game. 


Congratulations on the new Online mode, and the weekly events. :) good job 

Thanks in advance. 









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