Hello everyone, I am particularly having this bump bug in the new zealand rally.       however I will take advantage of this post to make an outburst about the game. That said, I want to mention that I followed the whole development of the first dirt rally, which in fact was evolving with feedback from the community along with contents that were add over time. Vale recalls what Dirt Rally was released in early access, with three months of Dirt rally released, in its early access had already made several updates on forcefeedback, compatibility of steering wheels and corrected bugs in the game. But the DR 2.0, they launched a game as complete full of bugs and the worst incomplete in several aspects, the forcefeedback still leaves much to be desired, we did not have a system of rankeamento of pilots and I believe that we will not have, I understand that the developers do not have 100% of the blame, even because they only receive orders. But I do not understand basically was just getting the dirt rally and go polishing it, I find totally unhappy these season with content every 15 days, not about any time to fix the game and bring a competitive but robust system, and basically what we had was a system of clubs very naked, without doubt the community could start to press but on improvements in the game and in a competitive system, because cars and track soon were filled, and who is playing with this interest soon will not play but, on the contrary of those who seek the competitive.