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So this has happened to me 3 times, I’ve been in game like doing races and are haveing a grate time and than out of nowhere, I get the mother of screen freezes, it freezes the screen cuts the power to all the USB ports and the only way to turn if the computer is to press the button on the power supply. 


On the video I captured it dident cut the power to the USB ports but I had to turn it of via the power supply anyways.


and like I’m more fine with it happening in career mode, but when it happens in a online race where we had a 45 min practice session and than a full practice like I’m loosing my **** at this point,(not really but you get the point).  

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Hi there, could you take a look at our Known Issues list to check if any of them apply to you? If you're still having issues after that, please try validating your game: 

 Validating F1 2019 downloaded correctly

  • Open Steam and go to the Library tab
  • Right click on F1 2019 and select Properties
  • Go to the Local Files tab and click Verify Integrity Of Game Files

If you've not tried running the game in DX11, please try running the game in DX11 instead of DX12.

If that doesn't work, can you try lowering your graphic settings to see if that does anything?

If it’s still crashing, please try running the game in safe mode.

  1. Right-click on the F1 2019 game in the Steam Library and select Properties
  2. Press the "Set Launch Options..." button on the first tab.
  3. Enter -safemode into the text box and press OK to confirm.
  4. Launch the game.

Let us know if you can run the game in safemode.

If it's still crashing after that, can you grab any crash dumps you have, your DXDiag and hardware settings and send them to us so we can take a further look? This thread here has all the info for how to get these and you can send them to us at community@codemasters.com. Thanks!

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