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Dirt 3, Dirt 4 and Forza Horizon 2

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The more time I spend playing FH2 the more I feel it is the spiritual successor to Dirt 3.

Will CM indicating we are "back to rally" on the latest release, it feels like any future game from them will not have so much additional stuff/non rally events.

I made it down to the docks last light in FH2 and it felt very Dirt3-esque - very mcuh like being back in the DC compound. Dirt3 may not have been a great rally sim, but along with FH2, it was/is a very fun game to play. I've no doubt I will like future rally games from CM, but I wonder whether I will enjoy them as much as games.

That said I still feel FH2 is missing good "traditional" timed rally stages, but maybe I haven't found them yet. A tragic missed opportunity IMO.
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WE HOPE FOR FORZA HORIZON 2 to come in PC when windows 10 arrive this summer... Microsoft showed us this games under the tab " the world of xbox1 to PC" beside the blind forest and an other rpg game that will come to pc from xbox1.. i think firza horizon 2 is the best open world racing game..
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I still prefer MCLA because it doesn't have that Zombieland feel that the Horizon, The Crew and the TDU games have.
The biggest things missing in all the other games to me are the shortcuts that you have to find to do well in the races, the amount of racers available to roll up on wherever you are at the time, the amount of traffic to dodge during races, the race editor, and the fact that you can drive in and even on top of a lot of the buildings.
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