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F1 2019 - No Fuel mix, brake balance or differential info on wheel LCD

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Hi...just wondering why all those very useful infos are not on the wheel LCD display. As I really love to play as close to a real race like this


disabling all the infos on the screen, speeching only via radio with the box etc etc. it's quite hard to stay focused. I know it's still possibile to see those infos on the MFD but it's kinda distracting for me (the visor mod doesn't help coz it cover the MFD I know..but that's not the point)...It would be so easy to have a quick check on the wheel while driving, I'm wondering if there's any chance to see those infos on the LCD...like this dash made with dash studio


lot's of infos, also the possibility to have more than one dash...like in the real races...would be great to see it implemented!

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