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DiRT Rally 2.0, Version 1.6: Bug Reporting Thread

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Hey there 🙂

I'm a fussy old git so when I bought DiRT Rally 2.0 I expected/wanted a AAA title.

Some of you may already know that I like to use replays.

With a AAA  title there is a lot of attention to detail which I think is great. Things like the car mirrors shaking when I'm revving the engine at the start line is quite impressive.

Here is a second video showing some missing detail in a Wales replay.

Not a major bug I know but it would be great if it could be fixed some time in the future. 👍




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you had found the "focus wrc transformer style" game's easter egg :classic_biggrin:

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2 hours ago, kombajnkoszoncy said:

Look what happened while rallying in Łęczna Country.


Did you call the organizers to stop the stage? That's obviously a terrible accident. Ambulance is needed immediately...

EDIT: Nevermind, both driver and co-driver are out and talking. Amazing safety of these modern rally cars. Rollcages can even withstand reality bending.

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3 hours ago, grancab said:

you had found the "focus wrc transformer style" game's easter egg :classic_biggrin:

it's the game's first official livery for that car

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  • What platform you're playing on. 
  • - Steam, PC
  • What your PC setup/build is like (if playing on Steam).
  • - Dell XPS 15 9570. intel i7, 16GB RAM, Geforce GTX 1050Ti 4GB
  • Whether you're a Standard or Deluxe user.
  • - Deluxe
  • Whether or not you have any non-standard peripherals connected, like steering wheels, gaming mice etc.
  • - Nope

the current monthly bonus community challenge is bugged. it is Group B RWD.

EDIT: I have replicated the bug, this time in the current Monthly NR4 D+ community challenge. so it wasn't that particular challenge that was bugged, but it seems to be something to do with retiring an event (so far just tried retiring the first event), loading the second event location, and then quitting to the main menu.

  • I retired the first event (New England) without driving it, so the game was ready to send me to Germany.
  • then I quit DR2
  • when I came back, selecting the championship sent me to the car selection screen again, but with the 2000cc class!
  • I selected the C4, and it loaded up New England again!
  • I quit back to the menu again, and then the game crashed.

I restarted the game and then recorded the problem again:


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Not a bug, but a suggestion:

The lighting in Wales is superb, but it is let down by the sunlight during 'sunset' stages.

The sun seems to cast a thick yellow light that makes everything look metallic and wrong. And it's a shade of yellow that clashes with the other subtle lighting. I think at the very least, if the sunlight had some red added to it, so it appears a bit more orange, that would blend in better with the current palette.

I'm pretty sure this also applies to other stages but it seems especially noticeable in Wales.

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Hello @PJTierney,

Two bugs on my side:

1. Tyres in Career Mode — game shows alaywas that the chosen ones are Medium. No matter what I've used in the stages before. It sure shows that they are used/worn after stages, but will show them as Medium no matter what I had chosen for the two stages before current Service Area. Also, the tyre swap count doesn't decrease in such scenario, just like the game didn't know I've already swapped the tyres before.

2. The Start Time in Poland's sunset is still incorrect (no matter the stage, it's just always incorrect for sunset). I live in Poland and we don't have sunset so early in the morning. Would you please be so kind and fix that please.

Otherwise great game which turned out to be even greater. I really hope for more seasons, and I am really afraid how the new GRID will handle for me after growing accustomed to DR2.0 driving model, ha ha (being a purely arcade racer for years). Thank you!



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On 7/19/2019 at 10:49 AM, PJTierney said:

Any idea what Stages, Events etc. this is happening in?

Any way to help reproduce it on demand will help nail down what is causing it.

I happened to me with the current weekly challenge in Wales on ps4 standard. It was undrivable this way. Had to bail out.

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Did someone else noticed this in RX online before? That you choose a car, but the competitor racer get your car and you get his car.

I had an online RX event organised contesting of four events, first one was Trois Rivieres (sunset / dry / wet track).
I chose the Tohill MK7 Fiesta and was with just one more guy in the session. It loaded the track and then I got the Impreza. The other driver was listed with the MK7 Fiesta (which no one chooses normally). So I started to doubt myself as I really chose the MK7 Fiesta, but now got the Atko Impreza (while my livery selector for Impreza is standing on the Deluxe Blue/White livery I checked later). When the race started I saw the other guy was in my chosen Tohill Fiesta

Platform: PS4 Pro
Owner: Deluxe version
Session: Online (I was hosting)
Event: 1 of 4
Track: Trois Rivieres (Sunset, no rain, wet track)
Type: Single race (so no full event) with 5 laps
Amount of entries: 2
Chose car: MK7 Fiesta with Tohill livery
Loaded car in session: Impreza with Atko livery.

Possible reason of bug:
- Only happens with these two liveries
- Only happens when session has two person
- Only happens in this session combination
- Only happens when the other driver not choose a car (and game decides?)


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Can't uninstall DLC
Hey, Guys! I have a problem with DLC section on Steam. I can disable some DLC on Steam but DLCs depots still can't be deleted automatically. All I can do is manually delete DLCs files on disk to save some SSD space. Can you please link DLCs to it's own Depots so it could be deleted automaticly if needed? Fix it! Thanks in advance.



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